Santa Madalena Clinics

Queue Management System, Corporate TV, Digital Showcase

Ztech together with Prologin were the partners chosen by the Montellano Group to implement the Queue Management System in Santa Madalena Dental Clinics.

With this solution the Clinics intend to optimize and modernize the flow of care.

This system allows an integrated management, enabling all stores to be managed centrally, with better results in optimizing the management of attendance and queues. Also, the Corporate Television now incorporates information from the clinic interspersed with the TV signal, thus improving the waiting time for the client.

In addition, the installation of Digital Showcase, inside the clinics and also in the storefront, allow the transmission of own content, useful information, promotions and campaigns, either through images or videos, thus enhancing its internal communication.


Grupo Montellano




Queue Management
Corporate TV
Digital Showcase





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