Aprova – Intermediação de Crédito

Aprova – Intermediação de Crédito

Aprova chooses Ztech to install its Digital Showcase

Aprova – Intermediação de Crédito had the goal of modernizing its store with a digital solution, attractive and impactful.

Thus, it chose Ztech’s Digital Showcase, an ideal communication solution to display informative content and campaigns, which draws attention by its brightness and dynamism.

In addition, it has a remotely managed platform, so that Aprova can change its content quickly and effectively, allowing a constant update of the emission.

At a time when consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, it is important that brands know how to strengthen their image, with modern and innovative digital solutions that capture people’s attention.

Ztech has this and other solutions that allow you to boost your business and make communication more exciting.


Aprova – Intermediação de Crédito


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